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3/17/2014 I recently replaced the video with illustrations to the various racking situations on Rules Info Page. 2014 Shooters Spring League Policy (PDF) added to League Info Page . 3/28/2014 Added differant classifications of fouls and descriptions / penalties for each group on Rules Info Page.

2/8/2014 The spring session of Shooters Monday Night Straight Pool League started last Monday. The season is scheduled to last 12 weeks. League direction is shared by David Arnold, Dave Miller and Dennis Green (statistics and website).

1/26/2014 World Straight Pool Champion in 1979,1981 and 1985, Mike Sigel entertained the afternoon crowd at Shooters Billiards with stories, and showed everyone why he is ranked #5 on "Billiard Digest's 50 Greatest Players of the Century". Thanks to David Arnold for arranging the afternoon of Straight Pool with one of the game's masters.

1/19/2014 Thorsten Hohmann was at Shooters Burnsville this afternoon and took time out from his busy schedule to shoot some straight pool. Image below is Thorsten at his 3rd World Championship win in NYC. Welcome to MN, Thorsten.

1/8/2014 (Corrected 1/9/2014) Mark Peterson had a fine 82 ball run right off the break in a game with Larry Jones at Shooters Burnsville on January 7, 2014.The very next afternoon, Mark ran 144 balls in a match with Ralph Anderson. Excellent shooting.

12/25/2013 It has been posted on AZBilliards 14.1 Forum that a 2013 World 14.1 Tournament DVD sets have been released. These include the historic 200 ball run by Darren Appleton . Information can be found at

12/17/2013 Tom Zensen had a run of 58 balls on 12/11/2013 at Shooters Billiards in Burnsville, MN against Ralph Anderson. This run places Tom in the 15th spot on the MN Straight Pool High Run List (50 balls and over). Albert Bruha, relatively new to Straight Pool, ran a nice 50 balls on 12/16/2013 and is also added to the list. Congratulations Tom and Albert.


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